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Design and Development

Bentcam believes that one of the key components for the growth of a business is design - a certain game changer in competitive markets. Our design, research and development center focuses on generating cutting edge technologies that will provide key advantages over the next decades. Our designs focus on look, function and usability while acknowledging rationalization based on ongoing market, product and user based research.

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Envifit is a retrofit application for wall, multi-deck and island cabinets. It aims for energy consumption of the cooler cabinets with slim frame or frameless designs to allow for maximum visibility of the products. It can be disigned to fit to any type of cooler. System is suitable for > 0 degree C. All our systems are customised to fit vertical, semi-vertical and horizontal displays. OEM solutions are available upon request.

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Glass doors


Glass doors are designed to fit all types of coldrooms and frozen display cabinets. Our aim is to deliver the maximum energy consumption while keeping the goods at its freshest through balanced temperatures. The designs are engineered to be sleek in looks, user friendly, ergonomic and durable with a suprising, innovative touch. Glass doors use specialty glass such as Low-e with gas filling. Our lighting options include T8, T5 and LED. Our designs has been tested in terms of energy efficiency and lasting durability to be a perfect solution for cold applications.

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Island Cabinets


Push-back and sliding glass cover systems for display freezers.

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